Assalamo alaikum and Welcome to the Community!


I am Mohammed Ali, the founder of, and I would like to personally welcome you to our community.
To help you to understand who we are and how we can help you, I invite you to read the following.

Who is Mohammed Ali?
As a modern Muslim who is born and brought up in the West, I have always tried to balance Islamic and Modern values. Growing up, this was easy as Islam and the West had a very healthy relationship.

However, as for many Muslims, the 9th of September 2001 (9/11) changed everything. This event was very personal for me as, during 2001, I was in New York for a 4-month internship and was on top of the Twin Towers just 10 days before the attack.

As I watched the live news footage of the two planes hit the two towers and heard that it was Islamic terrorists who had caused this, I knew that life would not be the same for Muslims around the world.

It was only in 2012 that I realized how difficult life had become for Muslims. I was newly married and planning to move to the USA to start a new chapter of my life and had my H1 visa approved to do this.

All I needed was to go and get my visa stamped at the USA Embassy in London. Whilst I was there and everyone else was getting their visa stamped, I was told that my application would take a further two weeks as they needed to do further administrative processing.

After two weeks passed, I would check daily to see if there was an update to my visa situation. Each day that passed was full of disappointment, as my new life and my new wife were a day further away from me.

Every day, I would question myself, why was I, a good person who prayed every day and was a good Muslim, having to endure this?

Eventually, these two weeks turned into fifty weeks, before I finally got my visa approved. During this time, I had studied Islam deeply as I wanted to understand if I had done something wrong, which was ultimately blocking me from having this new start that I had wanted. As I studied Islam deeper, I became a better Muslim as I started to understand the wisdom within our religion.

However, I did not know at the time that my bigger test was still to come.

Five years into my marriage, my marriage fell apart. This shocked my family and I as she came from a very religious background and always prayed on time. This caused me to ask a very fundamental question, how could someone so religious do something so wrong? My answer was very simple, the true Islam that many of us are following today is very different to the one that we have been taught by our Masjids and religious centres.

This answer led me to begin my own search for understanding the real nature of my own religion and, in doing so, I realised that there were many more who were on this very same journey.

As I started to understand and apply the real meaning and message of Islam, I immediately started to feel peace. I started to understand why I had faced these challenges and, more importantly, understood the lessons that each challenge was meant to give me.

This helped me to grow my business, rebuild my confidence, improve my health and begin the most exciting chapter of my life so far, knowing that I am now doing what I was born to do.


Why Did I Start

As I began my journey into the true meaning and message of Islam, many of my family and friends would ask me questions about our religion, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

This is why I started to write a daily reflection during Ramadan, where I would take an important aspect of our religion and explain it in a very practical manner, so that they could immediately see the results of applying the wisdom within each refection.

Each day as I went to the Masjid, more people would ask if they could be added to this group and, as Ramadan ended, they all asked if I could continue this once a week, as they found it so helpful.

As this group grew, a community was formed, and I launched so that each member of our group had a place to go to, so that they could read any of the reflections at any time.


Who is for? is for anyone who wants to join a community of likeminded, supportive Muslims as we all understand the true meaning and message of Islam, so that we can all become better people and make a positive difference in this world.The vision is simple, to help as many people to strengthen their relationship with Allah (SWT) as possible!


How is Bismillah Different?

This community spirit is what makes us different. Ours is a community where there is no politics, there are no sects, there is no prejudice. It is an ummah as Rasulullah (SAW) intended, where we all support each other and grow together, in sha Allah!


What to do Next?

In order to join the community, all you need to do is enter your name and email address below and, as a welcome gift, I will send you an official welcome to the community, a report that I wrote where I share with you the 9 big lessons I have learned from Islam that has helped me to become a better person. If you would also like to understand the real meaning and message of Islam, so that you too can become a better person and strengthen your relationship with Allah (SWT), then this PDF is the perfect place for you to start.