Table of Contents

1-Our Soul
2-Beginning of Day
3-Fire Below Us
4-True Homage to Imam Hussein
5-Importance of Our Soul
6-Motivation of Heart


Our Soul

We are currently meditating upon the value of our soul. Today, on the Day of Ashura, we remember those souls who were so close to Allah (SWT), who sacrificed everything for Allah (SWT) and became elevated examples of what we aspire to be.

In this meditation, we will look at some of the wisdom that Imam Hussein (AS) left for us, so that we can apply it in our own life and, through this, increase the value of our soul.

When we reflect back to the Day of Ashura in Karbala, we reflect on how Imam Hussein (AS) began his day. He asked Ali Akbar (AS) to recite the azan, as Ali Akbar (AS) resembled Rasulullah (SAW) in his appearance, in his character and in his voice.

As Ali Akbar (AS) recited the azan, Imam Hussein (AS) and those who were with him felt as if it was Rasulullah (SAW) who was reciting the azan. For some, this would be their last chance to perform salaat in this life.

Following this, the Imam (AS) addressed the enemies and told them the true message of Allah (SWT). Amar bin Saad (LA) feared that this would affect the hearts of the enemy, so he told them to beat drums so that the voice of Imam Hussein (AS) could not be heard. Amar bin Saad (LA) then shot the first arrow and began the deluge of arrows, swords, stones and spears that would fall upon Imam Hussein (AS), his family and his companions throughout the day.

When we look at how Imam Hussein (AS) began that day, we see how even on his final day, he remembered Allah (SWT).

Beginning of Day

In our daily life, we begin our day in many ways. Some of us check our phone. Some of us check our email. Some of us check the news. Some of us check on our parents. Some of us check on children. Some of us rush for breakfast. Some of us rush to work. We all start our days in a very similar way, focusing on the duniya.

Imam Hussein (AS) began his day very differently. The Imam (AS) began his day by thinking about Allah (SWT). In this meditation, let us look at three of the things that Imam Hussein (AS) would contemplate on in the morning.

The first is that there is an Allah (SWT) above us. Imam Hussein (AS) would first contemplate about Allah (SWT). The Imam (AS) would reflect on his responsibilities towards Allah (SWT). The Imam (AS) would reflect upon the blessings that he had been given. The Imam (AS) would reflect upon his own relationship with Allah (SWT) and how he could strengthen it. The Imam (AS) would reflect upon what Allah (SWT) expected from him and whether he was meeting this expectation.

Fire Below US

The second is that there is a fire below us. Imam Hussein (AS) would reflect upon the hellfire. The Imam (AS) would reflect on whether his actions were taking him towards the hellfire or away from the hellfire. The Imam (AS) would ask whether his thoughts and actions would protect him from the hellfire. The Imam (AS) would seek refuge from Allah (SWT) so that which could tempt him towards the hellfire could not do so.

The third is that death is chasing me. Imam Hussein (AS) would reflect upon how short his life is and how much he has to do. The Imam (AS) would reflect upon how well he was spending his time. The Imam (AS) would reflect upon how beneficial his time was to others. The Imam (AS) would reflect upon how he did not have time to waste and needed to act upon his actions soon.

When we consider how we start our day to the way Imam Hussein (AS) started his day, we see how far from Allah (SWT) we begin our day and how close to Allah (SWT) Imam Hussein (AS) began his day. We see for us, this duniya is our first priority, but for Imam Hussein (AS), Allah (SWT) was his first priority.

As the followers of Imam Hussein (AS) and the lovers of Aba Abdillah (AS), we must strive to follow his example of beginning with Allah (SWT), keeping Allah (SWT) as the first priority and basing our decisions on the happiness of Allah (SWT).

True Homage to Imam Hussein

On today, the day in which we cry for Imam Hussein (AS), let us pay true homage to our Imam (AS) by pledging to begin our day by contemplating on what the Imam (AS) began his day contemplating on.

Before we begin our day, let us reflect upon our relationship with our Lord, who gave us this day to begin with. Let us think about our relationship with Allah (SWT). Let us think about what we can do to move away from the fire. Let us realise that we do not have much time and need to make the best use of the day, with the best use being to please Allah (SWT).

Even if we just meditate upon this for a couple of minutes, we will see the whole direction of our day change. We will see that our day will have a greater purpose and we will have a deeper power to help us throughout the day.

Ultimately, each day will bring us closer to Allah (SWT), strengthen our relationship with our creator, add value to our soul and keep away the Shaitan (LA) from affecting our soul. In sha Allah, our soul will become so valuable that Allah (SWT) personally purchases it and gives us jannah as a reward for it.

Importance of Our Soul

However, before we begin this, let us first remind our self of how valuable our soul already is.

A poor person came to Imam Jaffar-us Sadiq (AS) and complained about his poverty to the Imam (AS). As the man was complaining, the Imam (AS) began to ask him questions. The Imam (AS) first said that if I were to give you 10 dinars for the love of Allah (SWT), Muhammad (SAW) and his Ahlul-Bayt (AS) that you have in your heart, would you sell me that?

The poor man said no. The Imam (AS) then kept on increasing the value and the man kept refusing the offer.

The lesson the Imam (AS) was teaching the man was not poor at all, as he already had something invaluable in his heart. Just as that man had this love, we too have this love. Just as he had something invaluable in his heart, we have that too.

Indeed, it is that love that allows us to cry for Imam Hussein (AS) today and to lament for his family and companions who were killed on Ashura in Karbala. How blessed are we to be amongst the small minority of all of the people in this world who have that love in our heart that allows us to do so?

Motivation of Heart

How valuable is our heart already? How valuable does that heart make our soul? How much more does it motivate us to please Allah (SWT) and serve Rasulullah (SAW) and his Ahlul-Bayt (AS) and, through this, make our soul even more valuable?

May Allah (SWT) help us to not just cry for Imam Hussein (AS) today, but to live his legacy for every day of our life by following his example, by reflecting upon what he reflected on, to value what he valued and to take his wasilo as we do so. Aamin.