We are currently meditating upon the philosophical themes behind the events of Karbala and have discussed how the shohoda are our heroes, as they protected that which is most important to us, did so with courage caused for by their love for Allah (SWT), that was not decreased by a love for this world, and was powered by their true enthusiasm towards the cause of their Imam (AS).

In this meditation, we will discuss another element that is just as important to us in our own time as it was to the shohoda of Karbala on the Day of Ashura. Confidence is an important element in anything that we do, and, without confidence, we will either not begin or finish what we do. As we mentioned in a previous meditation, Imam Hussain (AS) left Makkah with 1,000 but on the Day of Ashura, only 72 had the confidence to remain with their Imam (AS).

The etymology of the word confidence comes from intense trust in the self which, of course, is based upon intense trust in Allah (SWT). When Ali Akbar (AS) asked Imam Hussain (AS) if they were on the path of truth and the Imam (AS) replied that they were, this is a lesson to us as we know that if we are on the path that our Imam (AS) has decreed for us, then we are on the right path and can have full confidence in it as we have full trust that Allah (SWT) would be sufficient for us.

Rasulullah (SAW) said:

In the same way that enthusiasm metaphorically means to be inspired by Allah (SWT), the word confidence means to have intense trust in Allah (SWT) and, consequently, trust that Allah (SWT) will assist you in any challenge that you face.

In a world that is constantly challenging us, this confidence is what ensures that we pass the test that our time in this world is. By passing this test, we will be victorious in this world, just like the heroes of Karbala were on Ashura.

May Allah (SWT) increase our confidence in Him to the level where our trust and patience in His will and His plan for us is greater than the limited and doubted trust that we have in ourselves. May this confidence ensure that our faith always remains strong and our love for Allah (SWT) always remains pure and keeps us on the right path. Aamin.

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