In our previous meditations, we discussed the true meaning of the word courage (which comes from a heart flourishing with love) and causes a hero to protect that which is most important to them. We also discussed that it is the love of this world that decreases our courage in our own jihad al-akbar and that the love of Allah (SWT) is as important to our soul as the need to drink water is to our body.

In this meditation, we will discuss the fuel that powers this courage and is the benefit of being courageous, which is enthusiasm. The etymology of the word enthusiasm is to be inspired or possessed by a god-like quality. When our heart is possessed with the love of Allah (SWT), how can it not manifest into enthusiasm, which is to act in a way that is inspired by and in accordance to Allah (SWT).

On the Day of Ashura, Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) was called back from fighting by Imam Hussain (AS) and asked to form a shield to protect them as they performed salaat. As the Imam (AS) led salaat, the enemies fired arrows and Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) moved in the direction of the Imam (AS) as these arrows reached, so that they hurt him and not his Imam (AS). When Imam Hussain (AS) had finished salaat, Zuhayr (AS) asked the Imam (AS) if he was pleased with him. Imam Hussain (AS) replied that he was. Zuhayr (AS) then achieved martyrdom.

Although Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) was so loyal to Imam Hussain (AS) in Karbala, on the way to Karbala, Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) tried to avoid the Imam (AS) so that the Imam (AS) did not ask him to join them. Zuhayr (AS) would either be ahead of the Imam (AS) and his family and companions or behind them. It was only when his wife influenced Zuhayr (AS) to meet with Imam Hussain (AS) that he finally did.

When Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) came back from meeting the Imam (AS), he was full of enthusiasm towards Imam Hussain (AS) and his mission.

This is the power of the days of Imam Hussain (AS) and the zikr of Imam Hussain (AS). In the same way that Zuhayr (AS) was enthused with enthusiasm by meeting Imam Hussain (AS), how many others are also enthused with a similar enthusiasm by remembering Imam Hussain (AS), by hearing of his sacrifice and by performing his ziyarat.

May Allah (SWT) enthuse us with enthusiasm in these days of Imam Hussain (AS) in the same way that Zuhayr ibn Qayn (AS) was. May we serve our Imam (AS) in the same way that Zuhayr (AS) did and may our Imam (AS) be pleased with us in the same way that Imam Hussain (AS) was pleased with Zuhayr (AS). May this enthusiasm lead us to becoming true heroes like the heroes of Karbala, protecting that which is most important to us. Aamin.

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