Assalamo alaykum, my name is Mohammed Ali and I would like to warmly welcome you to the community. We are an open-minded group of Muslims who have one sole purpose, to support each other and grow together, through the wisdom and true understanding of Islam.

I formed this community as an open-platform to freely discuss and explore the real Islam, so that we not only grow as individuals but, more importantly, make a positive collective impact in this world.

If this journey of ours resonates with you and you would like to learn more, I invite you to read the rest of this page, where you will find out more about who we are, what we do and how you can get involved. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at


The biggest benefit is that you get a clear system that makes religion simple when you go to a masjid or watch lectures or read books, you can often find them overwhelming. This one of the reasons why is so strong is because essentially it is my own journey. I literally started to learn about this stuff from scratch and what I’ve tried to do is to replicate that journey so that you can basically learn from it from scratch in very simple, easy terms. So then you can apply it. So it’s not just a course, is a community of like-minded seekers of Islamic wisdom that is not difficult or complex. It’s all about making things simple because when it’s simple to understand, simple to apply and ultimately Islam is a very simple religion. It’s a religion to designed to be very practical, very easy to understand, very logical. And what one of the biggest advantages about is that we maintained these principals, we don’t try to make it more complicated and it needs to be the one biggest thing that I will get from joining Bismillah is the simplicity and the system to basically then learn all of these scriptures or everything about Islam that are currently so complicated everywhere else.


What problems will be help me with

It will essentially help you every single problem. Why? Because if you look at every single problem is all starts from yourself and, because of this, you have the key to the solution. If your health is a problem, you can improve your diet or your exercise, if your relationship is a problem then you can improve that too. So ultimately speaking, the main thing that is needed is discipline, so that the solution is applied so often that the problem disappears.


How has it helped you?

This has helped me to do is help me find simplicity in a confused world. When I look back at my religion, I realized that I had a lot of preconceptions and a lot of misconceptions. And why was that? Because I just got so far away from the very basic principles. So helped me simplify everything and gave me clarity and peace of mind as I realized that I just need to be someone who had a good heart, who had a good intention and who was aiming towards something better.

Tell me more about problems you have.

The biggest problems I had was just questioning my faith. A lot of bad things have happened in my life, my us visa, my divorce and things like that. It made me question why good things happen to bad people and one of the things that I learned is that Islam and life has the same purpose, to make you stronger and better. If you look at a tree when the tree is damaged, if you look at a wound where the wound is healed itself, likewise, just as your body can solve and hell, your soul can also heal, as long as you have the faith and understanding to go through the process.

It helped me to see things in a logical manner. It helped me to numb the emotion and it helped me to realize that, you know what? It’s just part of a journey and you realise that life is an external journey and inner journey. There’s always going to be obstacles and challenges and it just helped me to gain perspective.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge in your life? When were you at your lowest?

The biggest challenge was when I had my divorce. Why? Because at that time it wasn’t just about me, but the bigger picture. When, when you look at it, everything happens for a reason. And when you start looking at it for a bigger perspective, you realize that it’s your biggest challenges that then become your biggest growth.

And what was the lowest point when you were going through all of this?

The lack of support I got from my own community. I realized that the more people that you told, the more people would have a feeling of, I know this is wrong, but I don’t do anything. I don’t want to get involved. And one of the things that’s very important to Islam is that when something goes wrong, you’re there for the people who’ve been wronged. And this is what are the reasons why I’m so inspired to create a strong community is because I want this to be a community in which everyone helps each other.

There’s no backbiting, there’s total support.

But what is it that supports them with?

With, if someone goes through something similar, there’s a community that does give that support.

And how did it make you feel when the support you thought you would have from people around you didn’t come, especially the close ones that you’ve expected it from?

It felt very disappointing. It felt like if it made you feel like you’ve done something wrong, it made you feel like you are the reason for it. And what that made me realize is that it was simply a fact that they themselves did not understand the real message of Islam. And this is the reason why I’ve written my Friday Wisdom posts and have created these courses and, ultimately, everyone wins as the world is full of better people as a result.

 So with the knowledge you have of Bismillah and Islam now, if you could go back to that darkest time where you felt you had no support from the people around you. And there was no one practically on a practical level to really help you in this situation and you had nothing but the knowledge you have now of Islam, what advice would you give yourself back then that you didn’t have at that time?

The biggest advice I would give myself is to accept the challenge as it is a gift from God because God will only give you what he what he knows you can handle. I know that, ultimately speaking, you grow as a person from it.

And how did this help you to come to this realization to turn what was a very negative and dark time in your life into something that has actually become very powerful and inspiring.

Very simple. I had to understand the wisdom. I started to understand that the first way they help you to understand it was the first question that I had is why no justice in the world is there, because I started to realize that some people get injustice in this world, some care in another world, some now, some later, some in one form and some in another. This really helped me to understand that was before I was the victim before I was the one who is trying to get revenge before I was the one who felt wronged. Whereas what principles gave me the peace and settled my mind. I was in God’s hand as long as I maintained my part of the bargain and I stayed pure, god would protect me

 Now that you have this connection to God and now that you have this wisdom from Islam, how does it make you feel?

Now, it makes me feel unstoppable because I know that if I handled that experience, I can handle any experience. I know that was a training for bigger challenges. I know that by handling that, which is something that could destroy someone, I can connect deeper with people as I have been through a difficulty like they may have.

So you’d say the difference between you being the strong, confident person you are now and the very disappointed, scared, lonely at your darkest moment is this knowledge is Islam.

Exactly. It’s the wisdom behind it. Because with that knowledge coupled with a deeper level of understanding, comes a peace of mind that lets you put the past to bed.

So how did you learn all of this?

I started learning to get by through the scriptures, by going through the examples, the lives of the Prophets (AS), by looking at the Quran and its true meaning. I found that Islam is a very logical and very practical religion. Everything is very well argued out. Everything has got proof to it. There’s no such thing as an arty farty argument.

This helped me to improve my own thought process. By improving my own thought process, I was able to look at everything in a better, stronger way and, ultimately speaking, the way you look at something determines to your reaction to it, how intense it is, essentially what those scriptures did is helped me to think in a much better way and everything else improved as a result of that.

So now that you’ve gone through this journey and transformation yourself, that’s great, but how can I go through this transformation that you’ve done because you’ve studied this very deeply and for a long time.

One of the key lessons that I learned is the best way to learn something is to teach it. So as I went through this journey, I took copious notes, effectively this journey, took me about three years to go through and every year as I was going through it, I was writing and making notes. What I’ve done is I’ve gone through this journey and looked back over all of these notes, all of this wisdom, and I realised that it took me three years, but people don’t have three years.

People may only have a month or a week or a day, and what I’ve tried to do is I’ve tried to take the most important parts of those wisdom out and basically give you a condensed form so that you have a powerful form of this information to increase your level of spiritual understanding.

Studying this scriptures takes a lot of preparation and in order to fully understand them, you need to be able to cross reference them to the time, the situation and the correct meanings. That is when you find the real gems are in the scriptures with the highest levels of knowldge, but you have got to go through this whole journey first.

If I look at the hours I spent, we’re probably looking at hundreds of hours, close to a thousand hours, for me to study and understand this, this is the amount of time and commitment needed to start to understand the true meanings of our scriptures.

So what I’ve trying to do is I tried to basically make this as applicable to everyone as possible, so instead of spending thousands of hours just in a few hours, you can get this because what my core belief, my core desire is to get this shared with as many people as possible. Why? Because it’s priceless.

That’s great. I can go through this now and get the results you’re talking about. So can you just briefly talk me through the process and what are these steps?

So the first step, it’s very simple. The first step is knowing what the meaning of Islam is, because the reality is we live in a very confused world. When you watch the media is telling you one thing about Islam. When you talk to your grandparents, they’re talking about how it was back in India or Africa or the Middle East. When you talk to your parents to talk about how it was maybe a different country, a different understanding. When you talk to your friends, it’s very different. When you talk to your children children’s, a very different meaning. So the first thing we do is basically look at the real meaning of Islam because the reality of it is as you’ve probably got about seven or eight different versions of your head and you’re probably thinking, which one is it? You know, do I have to wear a burka? Do I have to pray at this time? What do I have to do? Exactly. What we do is we look at the real meaning of Islam and what is it trying to teach us? When we start to realize what it’s trying to teach us, everything is done with a greater purpose and at a higher level.

The second thing we do is that how do we apply it to your life? Because we all have busy schedules, we all have busy timetables. You know, we all live in different environments. We all have access to different tools and different skills. So how is it you can apply it to your life wherever you are.

The third thing we do is really to look at what are the qualities of a successful Muslim.
What is an ideal Muslim, what is the real lessons that the Prophet (SAW) gave us, as we all know there are so many opinions and ideas, but what are the foundational truth beneath them all.

The fourth is we look at self-awareness, so you know where you are, where am I compared to where I should be and what is missing and where? Where am I lacking most? Where am I doing well? Where am I lacking? Because the minute you know where you’re lacking, that’s where we can work on bettering it.

The fifth thing we do is we look at your plan of action.

How can we implement these practices? The philosophy and the thinking to make it into a habit, a plan of action is something that causes something to go from being something irregular and turns it into a habit. When it becomes a habit, you get the benefits long term.

This is why handling problems is important as they are what destroy habits. If you’re going to pray on time and you have a delay, that’s the problem. How you handle that? If your child is sick and it affects your daily routine, how do you handle that? Islam helps us overcome problems in a very logical way.

Many of these solutions have been given to us in the Quran or through the examples of the Prophets (AS), especially Rasulullah (SAW). We’ve got examples of handling small matters to handling large matters, so that we can handle them in a way that is much easier and much better than we can think of.

Then the seventh thing is now that we can handle our problems and have become self reliant, how do we help others? Because ultimately speaking, we want to be a role model to others, we want to become the rock, the foundation for them. We’re going to become so strong that we’ve got more than enough to give to others and it becomes effortless for us to help them.

It’s our responsibility and we experience a great joy to help have helped someone else handle problems.

Then the eighth thing is the community. Why is community so important? Because it’s the foundation of everything. It’s where you go home to. It’s your foundation and the reason why we talk about community is because ultimately speaking, community is not just the people around you, but everyone and, when you understand the importance of community, when you can help people in your community and, ultimately, the whole global community, that’s when you have your legacy.

The last thing we need to have is a strong connection to god. Why? Because that’s the foundation of everything, when you’re connected to god, you have that calm feeling, you have that certainty and that faith. You’ve given him your belief and you know now that you’ve got the most powerful force in your corner and nothing can faze you or cause you to fail.

Okay, can this work for anyone?

Islam is a religion that is everyone and what this process is doing is taking those principles of islam so that anyone can apply it. So just islam as a religion that anyone can follow, this process is one that anyone can apply.

So as long as you go through the processes in the way that is laid out, you’re set because what I’ve done is I’ve taken the same process I went through and made it much easier for you to do the same.

So what’s different about your program and your process is as opposed to when I see on tv, in masjids and in books

What we’ve done is we’ve looked at the original sources and we have removed the bias out of the wisdom.

What we’re trying to do is we trying to take the politics out of understanding Islam. We’ve tried to look at what is the pure wisdom, from the beginning, what is the original message? And because of that it’s a very unbiased is a very neutral platform. So, the reason why you can trust this platform, it is a neutral platform. There’s no bias towards any culture or sect, in fact, the only politics, the only biases evolved is that you actually become a better person from it.


Tell me more about how this community can help me through this process of becoming a better Muslim?

The reason why this community is so important is that when you begin a process of self-improvement, you need to go within and this can be a lonely process because not many people who are in your day to day life will understand what you are doing.

This community gives you that support, instead of it being difficult and alone, it now becomes an experience that you share and, as a result, you will literally make some of your best friends in this community, as when you share a common goal with someone, it is a great foundation for any friendship.

So tell me more exactly about what I actually get. If I sign up to you, tell me about your process and what do I actually get.

The main thing that you get is you become a better person because when you go through a process, it’s not so much about the end goal but the person you become as you strive to achieve it. This process is supported by a feeling of belonging. You’re going to feel a part of the community, a real, caring and nurturing community where everyone wins together.

Furthermore, what you’ll find is as you become a better person, those around you are going to look at you and think, well, how have you become a better person, tell me what you did? As you share what you have learned, you will impact those people too, whether it’s your family, friends or colleagues.

Ultimately, this process connects you to Allah (SWT) and when you are connected to Allah (SWT) you are connected to everyone and everything, you cannot have a difficult day as you see the wisdom in the difficulty and you cannot have a good day without appreciating the blessings that you have. This is a true blessing to be able to live life this way.

So tell me about this community. Is it online and how does it work?

It is an online community because it is a global community with global reach. This means that we have a full range of diverse members, offering different perspectives and insights and facing different challenges. It helps us to learn not just about Islam, but about the whole world!

So tell me more about how this is delivered online.

So how it’s delivered is very simple. You get the nine-module course that we go together over a full year. This is a full year-long transformation and long-lasting change takes time and effort, and by going through this over a year, this change will become permanent.

And how we do that is that you not only get the course but get a forum as well. Now on that forum, there may be questions that you have that someone else also has, or there may be questions that you had not thought about this.

We also have a weekly call. Why a weekly call? Because that becomes the foundation of your week.

You know that every time, once a week you have a central community supporting you. Just like you look forward to your favorite show on tv, you’ll look forward to your favorite call every week. This helps us strengthen our community. Why? Because you get to hear what people are doing. if someone had a problem last week, naturally we want to know what happened to them the week after. If someone had a big interview last week, you know how they went.

We will also start preparing for key religious events throughout the year, on this call. Whether its Ramadan or another important event, these calls will be relevant to what is happening in our life, for example if there is an Eid, what is its meaning and what is its meaning?

Now you’re part of a community. It’s not just about you, it’s about the team and we all win together and we don’t want anyone to lose out. And so the weekly call also gives you accountability because if you tell your team members that are going to be doing something, then you’re going to not want to let them down.

So how much does this cost?

Basically, this is a course that is very affordable. It’s only $500 for the year. Now if you look at $500, it is less than $10 a week. So if you look at each call, it is less than $10. And as well as that, you also get the course that I spent three years of my life creating and am always updating, so you get access to this throughout.
So, for just $500, you’re going to get a weekly call. You’re going to get access to a forum all of the time. You get lifetime access to the course, and the most important thing you’re gonna get is you’re going to be part of this community to where you’re going to make friends and connections that will last for the rest of your life.

If you’re not happy with it, because we understand that there’s always going to be times when that happens, we’ll give you a full refund because our ultimate goal is to create an amazing community where everyone is there through choice and is happy to grow with us, together.

This guarantee last for 30 days, so within that time you can come, you can review the product, you can come up to four calls, you can see how the whole community works. If you don’t feel that it’s right for you, then we will give you a full refund.


Okay, so why should I sign up now?

The reason why you should sign up now is very simple. It took me three years of my life to go and find this information and create this process and you should not try this on your own as you’ll probably spend three, five, 10 years of your life.

Whereas the reality of it is, is you can have all of this journey, and the results much more quicker. I wish that when I started my journey there was something similar, because it would have saved me a lot of time.

So the reason why you should sign up now is because number one, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get the results. Number two, is because this community is really growing and the sooner you join, the sooner you can benefit from it too. The friendships you will make, alone, will enrich your life, so why wait any longer?

 So just remind me one more time. Um, what is the one big benefit I’m going to get from joining please?

The one biggest benefit you’re going to get from joining is that you’re going to be able to become a better muslim in this world right now. So what you’re going to be able to do to is apply the principals to become a better husband, a better employee, a better employer, a better teacher, whichever area of your life, to be able to apply that wisdom to become better in any and every area of your life.



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