In our previous meditation, we disused how the stomach and our private parts are strongly linked to our attachment to this world. We examined how disempowering the influence that these two organs have upon us weakens this attachment and increase our taqwa.

In this meditation, we will look some of the ways that we are attached to this world, so that we can use the Holy month of Ramadan to weaken this attachment.

Whenever we want something, we say that we are hungry for it. We use terms like we are hungry for success, hungry for power and hungry for victory. Similarly, we use terms like having an appetite for success.

Likewise, when we are lacking something, we say that we are starved of it. If a child is neglected, they have been starved of love. If a spouse is kept at a distance, they are starving of affection.

We can see how, just in the words that we use, how much we have connected this world with our stomach. In the same way we are only physically full when our stomach is full, we only feel fulfilled when our needs of this world are met.

Rasulullah (SAW) said:

When our stomach is full, our worldly appetite has been filled. This worldly appetite is the one which keeps us distant from Allah (SWT), which is why it is despised by our Lord (SWT).

This is why Amirul Mumineen (AS) purposely only ate a little and said, on the night of his shahadat, that he (AS) wanted to meet Allah (SWT) with an empty stomach.

Rasulullah (SAW) further emphasizes the connection between a full stomach and our connection with Allah (SWT). Muhammad (SAW) said:

During the holy month of Ramadan, not only do we keep our stomach empty during our fast, but we are encouraged to feed others as they break their fast. We are taught of the great reward for helping others break their fast, which motivates us to do so even more.

This also reflects towards our attachment to this world. When our stomach is full, our attachment to this world is strongest as our motivation is only to feed our self. When our attention turns towards feeding others, our attachment towards this world weakens as we begin to show compassion and mercy to others, characteristics which are loved by Allah (SWT).

This is why controlling the stomach and the private parts is so important during the holy month of Ramadan, as it helps us to weaken our selfish attachment towards this world and transform it taqwa for Allah (SWT), where we are connected towards Allah (SWT) and towards serving our Lord (SWT) by showing compassion and mercy to the rest of creation.

Alhamdolillah, how blessed we are to be given this holy month to undertake this transformation, one which the prophets of Allah (SWT) themselves undertook.

Rasulullah (SAW) said:

May Allah (SWT) allow us to transform ourselves in this holy month of Ramadan by decreasing our appetite for this world and reducing our attachment to it. May we turn away from our selfish desires of our stomach and private part and transcend towards showing compassion and mercy towards others and, through this, please our Lord (SWT) and serve his (SWT) creation as we are meant to. May we follow the example of our prophets (AS) in doing so. Aamin.