We are currently meditating upon the spiritual purpose behind fasting, where by abstaining our stomach and our private parts we are decreasing our attachment to this world, through weakening our appetite towards what this world has to offer us.

By doing so, we increase our taqwa and turn our selfishness into selflessness, where we show compassion and mercy to others and, through doing so, please Allah (SWT).

In this meditation, we will look at how we can do this and what we need to change in order to do so.

Amirul Mumineen (AS) said:

Likewise, Amirul Mumineen (AS) also said:

The basis of every action is an intention and the intention of the very first action is to set the right intention. When we look at everything we do, it is important that we look at the intention behind it.

When we earn money, it has an intention behind it. We can either earn money with an attachment to this world, where this money is used to buy the luxuries of this world. Conversely, our intention could contain within it compassion and mercy, where we help others financially through what we earn.

When we work, there is an intention behind it. We can either work just because it is our responsibility and put in the least effort to survive. Similarly, we can see our work as sharing the gifts and talents that Allah (SWT) has blessed us with so that, through our work, we can show the magnificence of our creator, through what we, the creation, can also create.

Our relationships have an intention behind them. We can either associate with people of this world who are interested only in enjoying it. On the other hand, we can look towards those who are on a spiritual path and associate with them, as we journey through life together, building for the akherat.

The way that we raise our children has an intention behind it. We can raise them to be attached to this world and successful in it, or we can raise them to develop their character so that they have a greater purpose and are attached to their taqwa.

The way that we purchase our possessions has an intention behind it. We can become obsessed by the attachment of this world and focus only on its luxuries or we can have the patience to realise that what we will be given in the next will be far greater than anything we can buy in this world.

The way that we pray has an intention behind it. We can see it as an obligation that we need to fulfill, that takes us away from doing our work in this way. Alternatively, we can see it as an opportunity to connect with Allah (SWT) and a reminder that that is our greatest work.

The way that we observe the Holy month of Ramadan has an intention behind it. We can see it as a month that we must observe and count down the days until we can return to our normal life. On the other hand, we can see it as a blessing where we cherish every moment and look to do as much good as possible.

Our niyat affects every aspect of our life and the Holy month of Ramadan is our opportunity to examine our niyat, whilst our stomach is empty (meaning that our attachment to this world is weakest) and whilst our heart is filled with wisdom (which we can use to guide our intention).

Amirul Mumineen (AS) also said:

The Holy month of Ramadan is a chance for us to assess where our intention has become corrupted by our attachment with this world. As this month is the month of barakat, it is our opportunity to reassess our niyats, so that we can open these channels of barakat once again.

Ultimately, Amirul Mumineen (AS) gives us the reasons to do so. Firstly,

This soundness of conscience will lead to:

May Allah (SWT) give us all the wisdom and understanding to detach our self from this world and increase our taqwa in the Holy month of Ramadan. May we do so by examining our niyat and using the wisdom in our heart to find where our niyat has been soiled by our attachment to this world. May we purify our intention in this Holy month and open that barakat that a pure intention brings. May this give us a good conscience and ensure that are good intention is supported and enhanced with God-given success. Aamin.