The Importance of Sajdah in Islam

The sajdah of Imam Hussain (AS) is synonymous with the Day of Ashura and it is important that we take a few minutes to understand why the sajdah is so important in Islam.

It is narrated that on the mehraj, Allah (SWT) taught Rasulullah (SAW) how to perform salaat. When Allah (SWT) taught Rasulullah (SAW) the sajdah in salaat, Rasulullah (SAW) felt so much love for Allah (SWT) in this sajdah that Rasulullah (SAW) immediately fell into a second sajdah. It is because of this second sajdah of Rasulullah (SAW) that Allah (SWT) added this second sajdah in each rakat of salaat.

In the same way that Rasulullah (SAW) performed this sajdah out of love for Allah (SWT), on the Day of Ashura, Imam Hussain (AS) also did the same. Our Imam (AS) performed this sajdah out of his love and obedience to Allah (SWT) and to teach us the importance of performing sajdah.

This lesson is one that can transform our life. Whenever we feel fearful, anxious, worried, depressed, close to sin or any negative emotion, we should perform sajdah. The reason for this is very simple, but very profound. Who causes us to feel fearful, anxious, worried, depressed, close to sin or any negative emotion? The answer is the Shaitan (LA).

What was the one thing that the Shaitan (LA) could not do? It was to perform sajdah. When we perform sajdah, the Shaitan (LA) sees us doing what he (LA) could not do and, consequently, will leave us. Through leaving us, the fear, anxiety, worry, depression, closeness to sin or any negative emotion will also go as it was only present because of the Shaitan (LA) in the first place.

May this Day of Ashura, when we remember the sajdah of Imam Hussain (AS), strengthen our own relationship with the sajdah, so that we can keep away the one who could not perform sajdah and who is trying to tempt us away from the correct path. Aamin.

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